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When someone unfollows me I take it very personally.

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okay i found this on the interwebz and i feel like it accurately portrays my thoughts about george shelley like 100%

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As long as we’re together, it’s all good.

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Jaymi - Tonight (We live forever)

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Cat is seriously the funniest person on twitter :’)

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Okay this is gonna sound really stupid but

I feel kinda bad for them because this is the first twitcam they’ve done in a while so they were probably really looking forward to it and it just glitches out on them

this is even more stupid but I would feel so humiliated if that happened to me…

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even though the internet was crappy (and i’m pretty sure josh may or may not have also been taking a crappy) at least they tried their best! ♡ i feel bad, they were so excited to chat with all of us aw. i’m sure they’ll make it up to us anyway, though, they always do. :) 

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@unionjworld: INTERNET IS DOWN! 👎 #UnionJTonightTwitcam x


it’s not a union j twitcam if there aren’t technical difficulties hahaha

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i’m honestly so excited for the twitcam today cuz it’ll be the first one in SO long, AND, i’ll actually be able to watch it live for once, since there’s no school ^.^

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